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At my mom’s household taking care of your hands, and having manicured nails is a must, of course we haven’t reached my mom’s levels yet, but we (her three daughters) do try. We have all been blessed with our mother’s beautiful nails, the strength, the healthy growth, and I have been blessed with my fathers hands, I have chubby fingers, so I feel that to elongate my fingers, I need to keep my nails a little long. I love long nails, so any excuse to let them grow. 
Recently I have been blessed with a beauty box with goodies for hand care, I must say it felt like Christmas came very early and the right time.
The goodies:
My first experience:
Not a brand I have used before, but so far I am impressed, it smells divine, and feels like what I hope the clouds feel like.
For this I am beyond grateful. 
Thank you xoxo

Wedding Destination: Ireland 🇮🇪

Earlier this year I attended a wedding in Ireland, well I was part of the wedding party, so I had to organise where to stay, how to get there, and so on. As I travelled with my Mom and sisters without my Dad for the first time, it was important for me to make sure they were as comfortable as possible, and that I was able to guarantee their security and safety. For this reason it made sense to treat ourselves, and stay at the hotel where the wedding took place. Pricey but a worthy choice. 

Hotel: Celbridge Manor

Being in Ireland feels like canoodling on the sofa on a snowy day, while drinking hazelnut hot chocolate and eating cinnamon & sugar covered warm pretzels. Being in Ireland feels like home. 
I am not Irish, not advertising for any Irish company, it is my second time in Ireland, and I absolutely love it, there is something about Ireland that makes me all giddy inside. The colours look brighter, the air feels fresher (it’s green everywhere guys), feels like everyone is happy and you can eat all you want, without it affecting you in any way possible. 

The Hotel 

An intimate event, in a private location.

The room 

Loved the 2 double beds, the art, the colour, the furniture…. 
The room was spacious and cosy, the beds were really comfortable and it was perfect that the curtains were thick enough to stop any unwelcome lighting from entering the room. 
As my nephew travelled with us, it was important to make sure that he was even more comfortable than us, so we requested a travelling cot, and the hotel was nice enough to provide it. 
The only down side,which really got to me, was the shower, the drain was clogged up from the moment we arrived, so to avoid flooding the whole place, we had to bathe before bed instead. The bath tub taps…. the lack of carpets on the floor…. aaarrrggghhh …. I love my showers, so it was a little frustrating.

Room service: dinner 

Who doesn’t go through the guest information book? 

The food? Finger licking good.

My family and I were starving when we arrived, so I had to order dinner as soon as we landed, even though we were late as there were delays, the Hotel staff were very flexible, and happy to serve dinner outside their normal scheduled time. The dinner was delicious, at the right temperature, seasoning, portion, you name it. I loved every bite.

A cheeky stop for some pictures and snacks before completing the look

The hanger

The dress

Dresses picture ready

The present from the bride

I bought the hair clips, and the bride gifted us with earrings and a necklace, the set it very beautiful, while I can’t wear the earrings again, I will definitely wear the necklace again, I believe this was a very nice touch. 

The extra shoes

These were originally the first option chosen by the bride, but as some of the girls didn’t feel comfortable showing their feet, the bride was happy for some of the bridesmaids to have both options, which was a really nice thing to do. Spirit of love. 

The main shoes

The main shoes for the occasion were pumps, while extremely painful, they were really pretty. 

The table for the married couple

Hearts to sign

I think this was a really nice touch, and something to remember this special day, and cherish the beautiful moments. 

The wedding menu

The dinner

The dessert

As I am lactose and gluten intolerant, I was given a salad, I know I am naughty with my diet at times, but this was quiet refreshing and a nice ending to the dinner.
Link for the hotel: 
 I would without a doubt recommend Celbridge Manor Hotel for a break, an event, it’s a cosy hotel with excellent customer service.

Learn one dessert! I think it’s an Angolan thing to go for home made cake mmm

I don’t want to generalise, but I am yet to meet an Angolan family where there isn’t at least one female who knows how to make this cake, 
Prep time: meh see how you feel
Difficulty level: Easy
Serves: Everyone at home
If she can buy ingredients, make something out of it, and then people beg for her to sell it, not doubt she’s a triple threat wink wink  
Pre-heat the over to 180C/160C fan/gas
Butter and sprinkle flour to a cake tin of your choice 
If the eggs are big 4 will suffice, for smaller eggs I recommend 6 
whisk the whites until it forms what I like to call a cloud, a consistency able to hold cutlery up, use a fork to see if it’s ready, if the fork stays up then your cloud is ready
Butter & Sugar 
250g sugar (doesn’t need to be caster sugar) & 6 soup spoons of butter 
Mix it until it becomes a creamy paste
The number of oranges is your choice, I usually like to fill a medium glass half way
From here all you need is to mix all other ingredients
300g self-raising flour
4/6 egg yolk
The egg whites
Bake in the over for 40 minutes, then with a skewer insert in 3 parts of the cake and check if it comes out clean, which means the cake is fully baked.
And Voila
If lucky the cake can last 5 days, but if your family is anything like mine, the cake will be gone in minutes.
I don’t normally add fillings, or icing, but I have tried with both and it is divine! 


Turning something loving ♥️ into a centre piece 🌹


How To

When to

Mine to

The past couple of weeks have been very difficult, and what has been keeping me up is my gratitude for having someone very special, spending time with me. Being grateful for the company, the support, the love, has given me the strength to stay focused and motivated.
I am the happiest when you are around me.
I am not one to brag, but this year I have received the most beautiful of bouquets, from a kind, generous, loving heart. Someone who makes my heart melt, in ways I can’t explain.

So…. If you are anything like me, you don’t normally post about amorous gifts, but are happy to show off your gifts in a subtle way. Below is an idea that I adored very much.

Gratitude, simply put is being thankful, content, happy, blessed, with tangible and intangible actions, moments… and my way of showing gratitude is by keeping all the things I receive and love. I know, I am without a doubt a love hoarder.


I am grateful, for the gesture, for the beautiful bouquet, for the beautiful petals, and for the memory I will now keep forever. Most importantly, I am grateful to have you in my life.
You are the one I never want to take for granted.

There was a time, I received a pineapple, and I kept the crown for as long as I could, unfortunately, it ended up rotting because I didn’t cut it properly. The aim was to let it dry, so that I could preserve it, and remember the feeling when I received it, forever.
And that’s how I show appreciation.
With Love x