From Luanda, to Lisbon……. to London

Hi, I’m Eliane Lourenço, an Angolan Portuguese blogger living in England. I’m into gastronomy (even as a creature of habit), music, personal development and cherishing the little butterfly life moments that make everything just a little bit better. While building a career in property, I am heavily interested in the blogging world, for this reason I am the female behind Curls in the Office (naturally), my life sharing platform. 

I believe n living life with intention and I am open to finding out many ways on how to do it. 

My top four life / happiness tips are:

  1. Don’t be scared to take time off and do nothing.
  2. Family time is important, make it a priority.
  3. Have goals, small, big, short-term and long-term. Have goals.
  4. Pay it forward.
A little bit more about me….After one undergrad and two postgrads, I feel ready to allocate more time in building my life and career coaching platform, my aim is to live a life I don’t need to take a holiday from, and share the ‘how to’ with those interested on the same goal.  Curls in the office is a diary/ blog with a twist, while I am proud to claim and embrace my curls, what I am and will be sharing is for anyone interested in being the best versions of themselves at all stages of life with or without curls. I go by the simple formula that to achieve goals you need to set them and put them into action, and I hope to convey this through my blog.
When it comes to personal finance, I am a budget-aholic (more lists and spreadsheets), the number one rule I set for myself is that I don’t buy anything worth more than I can save at any point in time, so if I want to buy something worth £20 then before or after the purchase I transfer £20 to my savings, it doesn’t include food as this is my number one guilt free splurge, and I do believe in good controlled debt.


My motto is to line up my ducks, with the focus and strength of an elephant!

The blog…. I have split Curls in the Office in four parts/ pages, “The ‘She’ in you” page is where I share personal development related posts, in the “Guilty Pleasures” page is where I share my shopping, health and wealth related posts, in “Glasses & curls” page I will shared my views on education, work, general knowledge and book reviews. Finally, in the “Style Me” page I will share my fashion, hair & beauty choices.

Embracing my curls

The curly and wavy head of hair is part of my identity, with and without frizz I am proud of what I have been blessed with, and yes I am more than my hair, but my hair is a part of me and it is something to be cherished and embraced with graciousness. Hence, I chose a logo with a curly ponytail as I am a ponytail & top knot/ bun everyday hairdo kind of woman. Pitanga Curls is a community of women not afraid to be themselves at all times.


Born in Luanda at the Augusto Ngangula Maternity, even before I was born I was nicknamed Kio, still do not know what it means.

Favourite dish: Moamba de galinha.


The food…… yes, I mean, the FOOD.

Favourite dish: Bacalhau à Brás.


How can I not love this country.

Favourite dish: Fish and chips.

 Thank you for checking out my page, hope you stick around!

I love lists, writing things down is my key to structure and focus, this is also how I motivate myself.

No, I don’t drink coffee, and yes, there are many other amazing ways to feel awake in the morning.
Some of my blogs will contain affiliate links to products and services. If you choose to click and purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission, for this reason, I will only recommend products and services I use and feel confident they are worth sharing.